The iPhone 5S is on the Way: One Piece is Filtered Motherboard

iphone5s-appleThe French technology Web Nowhereelse found another component of the future successor to the iPhone 5. It is a component of the motherboard next iPhone 5S , associated with the back camera.

pecifically, the part that joins the list of rumors about the iPhone 5S is a small circuit which is responsible for controlling the phone’s camera. The piece in question is found on a Japanese website responsible for the manufacture of components. The reasons why this part of the base plate is becoming one of the rumors about the iPhone 5S most talked about is for its resemblance to the same component in the current iPhone 5, appearing in the image above modified circuit. Furthermore, as tradition dictates, the components of the camera are often protagonists leaks Apple products and in this case there were few rumors about the iPhone 5S and camera, although we already knew some details in the form of rumors about this .


While gaining strength the idea that it is a component of the next iPhone 5, it is also likely that the chip just try to take care of the camera handle another resonated rumors of the day: an alleged iPhone low-cost in which Apple might be working.

Anyway, we expected a month full of rumors before about the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iOS 7 or iPhone more affordable. A very interesting month also talk of a possible remodeling of the iPad and it always end up like an approaching WWDC: Disappointments for some, joy for others and secure many new Cupertino by one of developer events in the more external pressure that has been Apple.

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