Apple Has Patented “3D-Space”

Apple has filed a patent application named “3D-Space“, which explains the principles of interactive workspace in style Kinect. All user actions in the workplace are detected c3D-cameras and are interpreted as direct commands with keyboard commands and mouse. Thus, according to the request contained in the idea of ??the space in front of the computer is fully interactive.

Apple Has Patented  3D-Space

The system interprets the control command, tracing the trajectory of moving objects within a radius of action, and result in real time is displayed. However, feedback from the computer can be a sound and the elements as an option with a built-projector displays directly on the surface of the front of the computer desktop. Usability of such a system depends on how compact the size of this will be an interactive controller, as the sector of mobile computing becomes even more attractive to home users.

As another potential Apple points to the function of tracking the position of the head and gaze direction of the user. Thus, for the realization of the basic commands, such as scrolling or zooming of Web pages or photos, do not even need to move my hands. The developer also mentions the possibility to set the camera on a motorized base, the camera will turn itself to constantly monitor the user, even if he leaves his job and goes away a few meters.

Finally, the tracking head position and viewing direction of the operator will help the company in the development of auto stereoscopic (3D without glasses) screens, which, unlike modern Japanese counterparts, will have no fixed set of points from which the effect of depth is available. These screens will be able to adapt the direction of flow to the left and right eye movements by the user. To work with 3D-display of this type will be much easier.This same technology can be implemented in mobile devices class iPhone / iPod touch.


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