Amazing Glasses to Read Private Data on LCD at Public Places

Amazing Glasses to Read Private Data on LCD at Public Places

With a growing WiFi spots in public spaces, cafes, transport, etc., there are few who take advantage of access to the Internet to check your email or even work if the conditions allow.

However, chances are that nobody wants to see around the activities and work, but there are a necessary evil since from them we can not hide the computer screen. Or can it?

According to Dimov,there is no way to convert an old LCD monitor to “hidden” screen but you will be able to hide your private data to others by using only a pair of special glasses these are amazing glasses which we can use to read  private data on our old LCD at  public places or anywhere with out any risk .These glasses are similar to those which are handing in movies.


The technique is based on the removal of a polarized filter in each LCD, so as to block light that can not be displayed. Without this filter, we would see a white screen permanently. After removing the filter, you can build two lenses, and adjust them to a pair of sunglasses. Now only you can view your screen!


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