Augmented Reality Based 3D Ball Invasion Game for iPad-Video

Augmented Reality Based 3D Ball Invasion Game for iPad.Augmented Reality: It’s a term for a living directly or indirectly, a reading from a physical examination, the real world configuration whose parts are supplemented by computer generated sensory stimuli such as  video, sound, graphics or GPS knowledge. It is associated with a more general concept known as mediated reality in which a reading of reality changes [possibly increases rather than decreases] for a laptop.

Adding the 3D field of real world in entertaining graphics game is interesting. The ball-invasion, an application [iTunes link] for  iPad 2, promises just that.

Hold the camera of your device to a flat surface with plenty of detail for example a shelf or a magazine and the invasion Ball will be a map of their environment and create a level playing field.

Ball Invasion is the 1st product from  13th Lab.


The start-up specializing in simultaneous localization plus mapping technology .

13thLab founder Ivmark Petter explains that

It permits you to accurately position your IPAD a pair of in 3D area and also the overlapping of things in point of fact with no known markers or visual type, as needed by alternative solutions

In easy terms – The technology makes the important world round the scene of interactive games, 3D games.

That said,   13thLab has bigger ambitions of being called a manufacturer of cold application. The launch aims build a platform for developing 3D games and make their technology accessible to alternative developers.


Hold your device’s camera up to a flat surface with plenty of detail — a bookshelf or magazine for instance — and Ball Invasion will map out your surroundings and generate a playing field. You’re then tasked to shoot “malicious and cunning balls hiding in the real world,” with the challenge becoming more difficult with each progressive level.

Ball Invasion is the first product from Stockholm-based computer vision startup 13th Lab.

The startup specializes in simultaneous localization and mapping technology — not to be confused with run-of-the-mill augmented reality — in mobile environments.

“It lets you very accurately position your iPad 2 in 3D space and overlay stuff on reality without any known or printed visual markers, as is required in other solutions,” 13th Lab founder Petter Ivmark explains.

In layman’s terms, the technology turns your real world surroundings into the backdrop for interactive, 3D game play.

That said, 13th Lab has greater ambitions than being known as a cool app maker. The startup aims to create a platform for 3D game development and will make its technology accessible to other developers.

“Hopefully, this will spur a lot more innovation in computer vision,” Ivmark says. “We strongly believe that as computer vision and artificial intelligence evolve the camera will take over from GPS as the device’s most important sensor to understand, interpret and navigate the world.”

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  1. Paul Sombke Follow Augmented Reality Based 3D Ball Invasion Game for iPad-Video 1

    whoooaaaaaaa cool.

  2. Harry Soulette III Follow

    It would be cool if it was new… old stuff is old (also, nintendo 3ds already did this….)

  3. faisaltauheedra Follow Augmented Reality Based 3D Ball Invasion Game for iPad-Video 2

    congratulation for come back


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