Apple and Facebook Threaten the Freedom of the Internet

google and facebookCo-founder and president of technology corporation Google Sergey Brin took the social network Facebook and the company Apple among the chief enemies of the free internet. Such statement he made during an interview with The Guardian. To date, according to Breen, the principles of openness and universal access to information, which was laid in creating the Internet, are the most likely.

Breen pointed out that Facebook, and Apple have their own private platform and decide whether to grant third parties access to the data of its users. Thus, the head of Google, the company contribute to “fragmenting” the Internet.

In particular, Breen angered by the fact that search engines available information in applications. In addition, the head of Google, Facebook users can migrate their data to other services, while the social network itself, “sucks” contacts from your email service Gmail.

He also noted that creating a search service Google would not be possible if at the time Facebook has dominated the web. “Once you get too many rules that stifle innovation,” – Brin said, stressing that the development of search engine helped “open” web.

In addition, the threat comes from the Internet free governments of some countries, said Sergey Brin. He admitted that he had underestimated the danger, and believed that the authorities are unable to for a long time to limit citizens’ access to the network. Now, he said, most Internet censorship is evident in China, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Another threat to the freedom of the head of Google Network members called the entertainment industry attempts to strengthen the fight against piracy.

Google actively opposed the anti-piracy laws SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act), which in the opinion of their opponents, would allow U.S. authorities to censor the Internet. In January 2012 on the main page of search engine came the call to demand from Congress not to adopt the bill.Google has collected under the appropriate petition of more than 4.5 million votes.


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