10 Places that are not Allowed to See on Google Maps?

Google Maps brings live traffic info to 13 European countries

Can the service Google Maps are ideal for virtual tour of several locations, but the popular map service took care to conceal some of them for security reasons. See what they are: 

1. Royal Palace, The Netherlands

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam called Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam-contains several parts related to the Dutch royal family and is visible in Google Maps.

2. Buffalo Niagara International Airport, USA

Much of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) hidden in the service and the user can not see detail as it makes zoom.

3. Tantauco National Park, Chile

Secluded location where they found shelter many endangered animals.

4. Keowee Dam, South Carolina

Energy barrier on Lake Keowee in South Carolina that is hidden from Google Maps.

5. Unknown location, Russia

This is an area in the Siberian tundra, which for unknown reasons did not go to Google Maps. The nearest town is the Russian Egvenikot bordering Alaska.

6. Minami Torishima Airport, Japan

Airport on the east coast of Japan used by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

7. Michael Aaf, Utah

Military airport, where trials are biological and chemical weapons by the U.S. Army.

8. Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York

This modern ecological power generation facilities from natural gas in the University of trying to reduce carbon emissions.

9. Babylon, Iraq

The Iraqi city hidden from the popular map service.

10. Vlissingen, Netherlands

Apart from the Royal Palace in Google Maps does not include the oil tanks of Vlissingen and dozens of military and air bases in the country.


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