Google Maps Launches Route Planning in 3D

Google Maps Launches Route Planning in 3DWith the new feature provided by Google Maps you can plan travel route from a helicopter perspective is displayed in 3D.

Search engine giant Google has its Google Maps Route planner  added a new feature. The planned route can be displayed by pressing a button in advance in 3D from a helicopter-type perspective. The route planning functions here as usual. To begin, start and end point and the desired means of transport registered, then the new view on the available “3D” button. Per Click Google Maps goes into the so-called Earth-view and starts the desired route in a 3D view automatically be traversed. Travelers can already look so advance an idea of the landscape of her planned. route The flight can be stopped via the pause menu at any time. This freezes the image and the 3D environment can be turned into a mouse and points of interest are selected. For example, photos or landmarks as are caused by small icons.


Parallel to the 3D flight is displayed on the left side of the current station routes. Here, certain points can be selected directly in order to speed up the tour. The familiar 2-D view is also available for all routes and is activated by clicking on the button “2D”. The new helicopter-view is now available on the offshoot of Google Maps.

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