Completely redesigned Google Google Plus

Google +A few months after Google launched its social network-in which have reached the figure of170 million users – now the company has just submitted a new design for Google + thatbreaks completely with the previous one and which they believe ” will be easier to use and pleasing to the eye . “

Among some of the most important are the main functions happen to be located in a sidebar that users can configure to taste, content sharing becomes an easier task to be able to do from anywhere, videos and images charge more weight and among other things can publish larger, and also adds a header to the profiles where you can place a custom image (as in the new design of Facebook come on).

I leave then the videos that Google has accompanied the announcement of the new design Google + which are explained in more detail and graphical updates.

We’ll be testing it in depth to bring you our findings as soon as possible ( within a few days the design should be available to all users ).

Meanwhile, commenting that at first I like, and although certainly the redesign of Google + if that will cause some more are encouraged to join the social network, I think it still will not convince the majority because of one simple reason: the network effect Facebook continues to be far more powerful than Google +. Or put another way, most people have their friends on Facebook, not Google’s social network, so come, get bored and do not return.

What you do you think?


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