Android has 850,000 New Users Each Day

Android has 850,000 New Users Each DayWe are in full Mobile World Congress , all companies advertise their news these days and also important news. One of them, Google has sought to show signs of changing its mobile operating system, Android . This has been rising slowly in recent months and is reaching more and more attention from users.

The data that have been made public today is very positive, and every day are activated more than 850,000 terminals with AndroidThis makes the platform has thus fully in over 300 million users, which are a total of 12 tablets. Interesting figures showing that the upward trend of this platform which achieves a 250 percent growth during the past year.

And if you’re having a very interesting evolution in the number of enabled devices is also up in the apps . In Android Market there are a total of 450 mill available applications are downloaded each month and more than one billion.

Opinions for all tastes and colors on mobile operating systems but in my opinion there is no doubt that these figures by the strategy they have chosen Google. Android is available for many manufacturers and in many devices, which contrasts with its main competitor, Apple’s IOS. From my point of view both sell a mobile operating system but do so differently, with some common goals but executed with different nuances.

The question is the same as we did some time with Google Chrome, is it able to be number one? Today Google’s browser is in second position and is in the spotlight Internet Explorer.Android may take the same path. What do you think?


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