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Intel Prepares “Rival Siri” Without Cloud Connection

Jarvis Intel is working on a voice assistant that does not require a permanent internet connection for all your tasks.¬†The project is strongly related to Quark’s initiative to make Intel processors aimed at small size¬†wearables¬†. Siri and Google Call Now an unfulfilled promise perhaps exaggerating a bit, but what is certain is that they stay […]

How Much Data Actually Consumed By Siri?

If you pay attention to the news, especially those coming from traditional media will notice that there is a curious emergence of reports on the alleged massive use of the data connection by Siri on the iPhone 4S , examples:

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Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4S Ads, Again Highlighting Siri

Apple has released two new ads that promote their iPhone 4S . Highlighting the most important feature included in the next generation of your company: Siri.

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Rumor:Upcoming iPad 3 Will be Transparent and Rimless (Video)

Hold your breath¬†, although there are different kind of rumors are flying thick¬†and fast¬†for Apple‘s next generation tablet iPad¬†3 ¬†all over the Internet but the ¬†recent rumor is very exiting and that is ¬†iPad¬†3 will be transparent and rimless . Apple iPad is¬†world’s bestselling tablet and now¬†iPad¬†3 has left many people wondering how the next […]

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Lets Watch the Fight Between Microsoft-Tellme and Apple – Siri

Recently, Craig Mundie of Microsoft, had stated that his company had presented the TellMe, a service which was similar to Siri, a year ago. However, there is finally some actual comparison? The various features of TellMe voice is actually on competitive with those of Siri.

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