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Verizon Has Announced the Launch of the Galaxy Nexus

The long wait is officially over, as Verizon has simply sent out emails asserting the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, with a Link to the order page. The Nexus, a hotly-awaited Android 4.0 handset, has been rather elusive since its debut in China some months ago. The page confirms the pricing of that we have […]

“Nexus Prime” Will be Equipped With Dual Core Intelligent CPU

According to the recent news, “Google Nexus Prime” can Re-Appear in market within the finish of October, this year. You previously listen regarding the next-generation “Nexus Google Phone”.Because of its robust configuration, users of this phone additionally caused widespread concern.

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Will iPhone 5 Succeed to Eliminate ” The Generation Gap” ?

Will upcoming iPhone 5 be equally popular  in  both elders and youngsters ? Acting president of HTC America Martin Fichter says that the iPhone is losing its appeal in the younger generation of smartphone users. When young people see their parents and older people using the popular smartphone, the phone becomes less hip .He says,

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Verizon Customers Flow from Android to iPhone[Chitika Facts]

Six months when the introduction of the iPhone by Verizon, Verizon’s client base appears to be moving far from Android devices for the iPhone. the knowledge comes through on-line advertising network Chitika, that oversees the operating system and distribution device through its advertising network to detect trends within the use of the device. consistent with […]

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