Verizon Customers Flow from Android to iPhone[Chitika Facts]

Six months when the introduction of the iPhone by Verizon, Verizon’s client base appears to be moving far from Android devices for the iPhone. the knowledge comes through on-line advertising network Chitika, that oversees the operating system and distribution device through its advertising network to detect trends within the use of the device. consistent with the corporate, Verizon’s participation within the Android Market within the U.S. has fallen nearly ten full proportion points between March and August, whereas the AT & T Android market has increased, indicating that additional users are using iPhones on Verizon, currently that choice is accessible.

Verizon Customers Flow from Android to iPhone[Chitika Facts] 2
August 2011-Image courtesy of Chitika

When checked out their numbers Chitika in March, said that Verizon’s participation within the Android market sat on approximately 51.4 percent, 25.3 p.c hold Sprint, T-Mobile p.c get 16.8, and AT & T a mere 3.6 percent. Since then, however, the numbers have modified dramatically. When analyzing the numbers once more this month, the sole 2 networks to examine vital changes Verizon and AT & T, by coincidence, solely 2 networks within the U.S. offered by the iPhone four. Verizon participation within the Android market fell to solely forty one p.c, whereas AT & T rose to 8.7 p.c in August.

Since the opposite networks appear to be fairly consistent in their numbers and Verizon still offers a number of the foremost in style Android devices, the most effective rationalization is that a major variety of the user base is large Verizon switching to iPhone four as several predicted before launch. A survey conducted shortly before the general public launch of the iPhone to Verizon revealed that quite 1/2 Verizon’s Android and BlackBerry users reflects a switch to the iPhone when accessible on your network, and it appears that changes are starting to filter .

Chikita appears to trust that reasoning also..

While Verizon still has 4 of the 5 Android smartphones (X Droid, Droid unimaginable HTC, Samsung Fascinate, Droid), its market share is clearly down. against this, AT & T market share of Android is turning into another time, with these devices within the HTC Inspire gaining vital popularity among users of good phones, “wrote Chikita on its web site. “Verizon iPhone share of traffic continues to grow, however it appears that Verizon is gaining market share within the Apple smartphone outstanding at the expense of another, devices running Android.

It is conjointly value noting that the page Chitika is showing the present balance between the iPhone from AT & T and Verizon has shifted to a small degree additionally. In February immediately when the launch of the iPhone from Verizon, AT & T held 97 p.c share of U.S. iPhone, whereas Verizon has held 3 p.c. Today’s figures look terribly different: AT & T is currently at seventy 6.7 percent, whereas Verizon is at twenty 3.3 percent. it’s clear that Verizon customers are literally shopping for the iPhone in increasing numbers, to the detriment of Android.

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