“Nexus Prime” Will be Equipped With Dual Core Intelligent CPU

According to the recent news, “Google Nexus Prime” can Re-Appear in market within the finish of October, this year.

Nexus Prime Will be Equipped With Dual Core Intelligent CPU

You previously listen regarding the next-generation “Nexus Google Phone”.Because of its robust configuration, users of this phone additionally caused widespread concern.

According to foreign websites TheDroidGuy reported within the u.  s., Las Vegas, in a Verizon Developers Conference, there was a Samsung employee brings to the media and brought a demo version of Nexus Prime phones. in keeping with the web site of stories, Google Nexus Prime launched by the U.S. operator Verizon is predicted to be in late October or early November.

According to reports, Nexus Prime appears like a head larger Nexus Configuration, Nexus Prime are equipped with “Dual-Core TI OMAP” Processor, 2.0 MP front camera and 800-MP main camera. additionally, Android 4.0 has not officially released, the demo version of the Google Nexus Prime uses “Android  2.3.4”  (Gingerbread) system.


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