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The Highly Anticipated Apple iTV in a Beautiful Concept

TheVerge shows a detailed concept of what could be the next revolutionary product from Apple. After changing the world of digital music and telephony, the Cupertino giant is expected to release soon a new Tv is how it could be and what functions should have!

Apple TV will be Called iPanel

Rumors of a possible imminent appearance of the TV under the brand name Apple exaggerated in the press over the past year.  Previously it was thought that the TV will be called iTV, but the resource appleinsider.com posted some other information. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said the new brainchild of Apple will be “something more than just […]

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IOGEAR 3D Kit:Transfer of 3D and HD Video Without any Wires

IOGEAR company has introduced a new system for wireless transmission to the 3D TVs and HD-video with a resolution of 1080p, a very low latency. IOGEAR Wireless 3D kit includes transmitter, receiver and remote control. With the new device can be streaming HD-video and 3D-content from one or two sources with HDMI output

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Netflix Expand to Great Britain and Ireland Early 2012

The U.S. service rental and distribution of video on demand internet Netflix announced Monday that it plans to launch its subscription service in the United Kingdom and Ireland  “Early 2012”. Netflix, originally a specialist in online DVD rentals mailed develops more offers all the internet in Europe will not provide a service of streaming (streaming) […]

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Steps to Get “Facebook Notifications” On Google TV

Here are the 8 Steps to get Facebook Notifications On Google TV. Step-1  written below While Enjoying a channel on the Google Television.. Please “Push home button of Sony TV Remote control”.

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