The Highly Anticipated Apple iTV in a Beautiful Concept

TheVerge shows a detailed concept of what could be the next revolutionary product from Apple. After changing the world of digital music and telephony, the Cupertino giant is expected to release soon a new Tv is how it could be and what functions should have!

The Highly Anticipated Apple iTV in a Beautiful Concept 1

Although Apple tends to always create closed ecosystems, the iTV is seen as a TV media is capable of interfacing with devices like Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, with all devices currently connected to a TV box such as an Xbox 360, a Bluray player or satellite receiver.

Here are the features of the future imagine iTV:

  • HDMI
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • AirPlay, DLNA / Miracast
  • FaceTime HD front facing camera
  • WiFi (802.11 N + AC)
  • 1080p resolution
  • 3D (ozionale)
  • Thunderbolt
  • 1TB of space to record the content
The iTV with its anterior chamber, allow FaceTime video calls with other Mac or iOS devices remotely, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

In addition to the ability to view pictures and videos or listen to music from our library, then there could be a section dedicated App Store, that allows to download multimedia applications like Instagram and Spotify.

In addition to watching live tv channels, it would be nice to be able to subscribe to a specific channel in order to enjoy the transmit content such as TV series.
Would be very useful also a Spotlight to search the contents of the library, app store, iTunes, and TV Guide. You might also use Siri to schedule recordings, set reminders, change channels, play music or video from the library, open an app, locate content available for purchase on iTunes and so on.

It should therefore be possible to display a TV Guide like a calendar where you can write down all programs and TV series that we intend to follow.

A television so it would be a dream, a tool of entertainment in the round fully interactive and capable of interfacing with everything related to multimedia and entertainment. The concept is really well done and the user interface seems to come from the California company. What do you think?



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