IOGEAR 3D Kit:Transfer of 3D and HD Video Without any Wires

IOGEAR 3D kit:Transfer of 3D and HD Video Without any WiresIOGEAR company has introduced a new system for wireless transmission to the 3D TVs and HD-video with a resolution of 1080p, a very low latency. IOGEAR Wireless 3D kit includes transmitter, receiver and remote control.

With the new device can be streaming HD-video and 3D-content from one or two sources with HDMI output (including a smartphone or tablet) on television (with the same input). At the same time delay, according to the manufacturer, does not exceed 1 ms.

To transfer data using new 5-GHz frequency range, which allows you to broadcast uncompressed video with HD-resolution (1080p) with the sound of Class 5.1, as well as 3D-content at a distance of 30 meters.Cost IOGEAR Wireless 3D kit is $ 380.


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