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Use your iPhone to “Food Tasting” and Detect bad Breath

Recently, the company Adamant Technologies has announced a processor dedicated to the Apple iPhone.¬†The features of this processor is to help the iPhone be able to taste through 1 digital panel that understand it. With 2000 sensor, the processor will help iPhone users to identify the flavor through the use of this device.¬†It is known […]

Untethered Jailbreak of iOS 6 is Already Available, but not in a Public

The popular front jailbreak hackers, Planetbeing,¬†claims to be in possession of the version of iOS 6.0.2 untethered ¬†jailbreak¬†¬†and explains, in a comment on Reddit, why has not yet been publicly released. Planetbeing was one of the¬†key elements¬†of the world of the jailbreak in the early days, and was one of the creators of¬†ultrasn0w¬†which is ¬†a […]

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iPhone Could be Replaced by a New Gadget

U.S. company invests billions of dollars on secret projects.It seems that soon iPhone could be replaced by a new gadget. Apple is working on smartphone replacement: A computer clock 

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iPhone 5S in Different Colours with NFC Chip Integration will be Released in June

As reported by foreign Media , Few Hours  Ago, The analyst Peter Misek  released a statement that Apple is planing to launch a new iPhone 5S in the month of June. It has Improved camera, NFC chip integration and available in  more colours . But not only this is news!

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Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Beta 3 with RedSn0w 0.9.15b3 | Help (Video)

Apple releases iOS 6.1 beta 3¬†and YES the jailbreak of iOS 6.1 beta 3 is actually possible for some iPhones using RedSn0w.¬†The iOS 6.1 beta 3 to jailbreak and also the tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 Final is still possible with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G – Thanks geohot and […]

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Popular Searches of 2012: Overwhelming Dominance of the iPhone 5

Previous year, we mentioned ¬†The Most Popular topic by Google Search¬†and by Top 10 popular topics by Facebook¬†in 2011. Now, Published studies from search engines by analysing Web pages to determine¬†what were the most popular topics of 2012¬†. Current year is marked by great events as the U.S. elections, Olympics, Hurricane Sandy and death of […]

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Apple is Set to begin Sales of Unlocked iPhone 5 to U.S, Today

9to5Mac¬†reports¬†that Apple is about to start sales of Unlocked¬†iPhone five units to U.S. customers as before long as later this days. Sales ar aforesaid to start within the company’s on-line store, with retail stores presently receiving units prior to associate degree such-and-such in-store launch date.

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VIDEO TIME! All Apple Commercials from Past to Present! (485 Videos)

485 videos, which show that Apple is a VERY special company.¬†All Apple commercials since 1977 by the Apple II to the current iPhone 5. It is a spot for the celebration of today evening with this entertainment here in the form of HUGE collection of Apple ads in just a YouTube channel!¬†By the Apple video […]

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Bello and Kitty Feed from a Distance with the Web-Enabled Smartphone

Feed the Pinto is a feeder for pets which is controlled via Wi-Fi. A smartphone with iOS and Android, which handles the connection to the Wi-Fi and control of the electronics of the Pinto feed serves as a remote control of the Electric Imp module . The production of the unit is via a funding campaign on IndieGoGo will allow.

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