Popular Searches of 2012: Overwhelming Dominance of the iPhone 5

Google Has Introduced a Range of Innovations in its Search Engine

Previous year, we mentioned  The Most Popular topic by Google Search and by Top 10 popular topics by Facebook in 2011.

Now, Published studies from search engines by analysing Web pages to determine what were the most popular topics of 2012 .

Current year is marked by great events as the U.S. elections, Olympics, Hurricane Sandy and death of Gaddafi, But the main subject of interest  that is at the top is … the iPhone 5!

The data was first published  by Bing from Microsoft which showed that its users have a particular interest in Apple and especially for the iPhone 5, “gadget” that also leads the table of the most searched on  Google News .

The website Ask.com also introduced the ranking of the questions that have been made during 2012. Coinciding with Bing, the two main questions were related to Apple and Facebook, the two generated more than 100 million questions.

The ranking of the top stories on Google sought are:

1.  iPhone 5

2.  Elections 2012 in United States

3.  2012 Olympics

4.  Hurricane Sandy

May.  reality show The Honey Boo Boo

6.  Gangnam Dance Style

7.  KONY 2012

8. The Academy Awards

9.  Kindle Fire HD

10.  The Facebook IPO

Moreover, if we focus only on searches related to technology, the iPhone 5 also takes first place and still factory peers, iPads (4th generation and Mini). The Top 10 is completed by the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Kindle Fire HD tablet, the iPad 3, iPod touch, Xbox, Playstation 3, iPhone 4 and Windows 8.

With a market share of 16%, Bing is the second most popular search engine in the U.S. behind Google (almost 67%),  according to comScore .

We have also write article about the  15 technological disaster in 2012.

Sources: PlanetaRed  and CNN


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