Samsung Galaxy S3 Dropbox

Samsung Galaxy S III and Dropbox: 50 GB for All

Samsung Galaxy S3 Dropbox

Dropbox , the popular cloud storage service, has announced a special partnership with Samsung that will allow prospective buyers of the Galaxy S III  to receive 50 GB of free space .

The new smartphone, the Korean giant was in fact presented last night in London during the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 marking perhaps the beginning of a new generation of high-end terminals. Dropbox has quickly caught the ball, and as already suggested by HTC is preparing to offer a special promotion for the new owners of a brand new Galaxy S III, due out in Europe on May 29 next.

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Android-Application Allowed to Increase up to 4 GB

Android-Application Allowed to Increase up to 4 GB

Android-Application Allowed to Increase up to 4 GBGoogle will increase the maximum amount of games and applications from the Android Market from 50 MB to 4 GB. Moreover, the restriction on the size of the APK-file remains the same, but the developers will be able to attach to it the 2 files with the resources, each of which may be no more than 2 GB.

The news will please both developers and ordinary users of Android-devices.

Previously, developers of large applications and games had to create their own programs within the constraints, so “heavy” applications often need to load additional data (sometimes more than 500 MB) after installing the device.

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About Some Services that Can Crush iCloud

About Some Services that Will Crush iCloudApple icloud is far from the first service to synchronize and store files in the cloud, but that Apple goes into the cloud moving in a way, the concept of regular users that are not always at the cutting edge of technology. The greatness of icloud is that it synchronizes and back up data automatically on devices that use IOS. Icloud makes it easier to keep track of contacts, calendars, email, pictures and documents between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. The obvious disadvantage of icloud is that it is centered around Apple products (with the exception that icloud also works on Windows). With icloud get you five gigabytes of storage free. If you want more, users can purchase additional storage space (10, 20 or 50 gigabytes) to their account. attracts IOS users with lifetime free storage Tony Bradley from  “Journal PC World” discussed the advent of icloud with Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of Although the effects of having Apple as a competitor can not be

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