An American Doctor Saves the Life of a Patient with his iPhone

iPhone-medicoDr. Eric Topol said that the iPhone in the future will be much appreciated especially in the medical field as it is a very versatile and efficient device. In fact the doctor  saved the life of a person on an aircraft board  thanks to its iPhone.

Dr. Topol was on a plane more than 9,000 meters high. A passenger on a plane whotook off from Washington DC  has had an illness, Dr. Topol was on the plane and promptly pulled out his iPhone from his pocket with a special accessory: the AliveCor , which allows him to turn his iPhone into a real cardiograph.

Thanks for this very useful accessory, the physician  gave first aid while waiting for the pilot did an emergency landing, avoiding the unfortunate passenger had a heart attack. Once landed, the passenger was transported to the hospital for treatment.

According to Topol , the proliferation of applications that allow patients to measure and monitor their vital signs represents a revolution in the world of medicine. Devices such as the iPhone, equipped with specific accessories, will soon be able to do many types of analysis, such as the control of pressure, sugar levels, sleep disorders, heart rate and much more.

In fact there are already some examples of hospitals and clinics that use iPad to replace paper-based medical records and medical accessories are already available on the market. What is missing now, however, is effective regulation: technology has in fact outpaced the bureaucracy (as often happens), and then the massive use of such devices is currently difficult.

In the near future we will, however, make us own some tests, send the results to our doctor and wait for his additional requirements, if any. Doing so would save a lot of time and we would have a faster response on our health.

Via: Apple Insider


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