Black Orbs,Now you Can Change the Theme of your iPhone! [Video]

Black-Orbs-iphoneOur iPhone does not provide possibilities of customization view of the closure of iOS to change the software. From today it seems something has changed and it is now available a new profile that allows you to change the theme of native iOS icons .

The main reason why many users, even today, making the jailbreak the own device is due to the closing of iOS regarding software changes. Steve Jobs did not want to see distorted their candy in themes and interfaces of questionable taste, to the point that Apple has not provided any editing tool in its mobile device, if not extremely essential options.

To date, it seems that something is changing, even if the results seem a bit ‘cells. The theme Black Orbs allows you to have 31 icons of all new applications for the most popular App Store, as well as all those preinstalled on iOS 6. We obviously canonical Phone, Messages, Maps, as well as Facebook, Google Drive, Waze.

Icons, as has happened in other respects, the same as the course does not replace official applications already installed on your device, but it can take you directly to the web services, or applications that we have on the device. Not all apps, however, support this type of URL, and different services can never be used , despite what the developer has already announced the introduction of new icons and other compatible applications.

Installation of the profile will be added to all 31 icons currently available, of which we can delete safely those of which we have the app installed just as you would with normal icons (hold down the Home button and then press the (X) for that icon to be deleted).

The new theme does not contain malware and works particularly well. Also if you do not like it you can remove all traces of the same by going to Settings> General> Profiles and uninstall the profile relative to the subject, Black Orbs Theme selecting it and then click Remove.

Although we are not dealing with a iPhone Winterboard and we have not the least its ability to optimize and personalize Black Orbs is the first theme for iPhone perfectly install and use without the help of the jailbreak.

Below all the icons available in the profile Black Orbs:

  • Posts
  • Google Voice
  • Maps of Apple
  • Google Maps
  • App Store
  • iTunes
  • Safari
  • Facebook
  • Find My Friends
  • Google Drive
  • iBooks
  • Music
  • Mail
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Waze
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • SoundHound
  • Mobile Mouse
  • Google Earth
  • Light
  • Reminder
  • Calendar

That something is moving in this direction in the Cupertino? The hopes of a future there are all opening by the majority of users, we see how Apple will respond in the future.

Via : iDownloadBlog


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