Windows 8, Microsoft is not Convincing Debut

Microsoft Described the Metro IE10 for Windows 8

The debut of Windows 8 on the market was generally good but not able to meet analysts’ forecasts internal Microsoft. According to sources close to the company of Redmond, in fact, within the group hovers an atmosphere of disillusionment with the new edition of the operating system , whose sales would therefore not comply with the company’s expectations. Executives at Microsoft, however, appear to have identified the PC manufacturers the root cause of this slow onset.

To bring this item is WinSuperSite portal, which echoes the words of an unidentified Microsoft employee who emphasized how the company decides not to have major faults, which should instead be attributed to hardware manufacturers . The latter would then failed both from the point of view of design solutions to be made ??available to users, both in terms of availability of its products in stores, causing dissatisfaction in the interior Redmond company. Among the reasons for this failure, however, it is impossible not to mention Microsoft.

Although justified by reasons not directly related to Windows 8, the departure of Steven Sinofsky has coincided with the launch of the new edition of the operating system and could be a clear sign of disappointment that lingers on the upper floors of Redmond. The design choices of Microsoft, on the other hand, proved not to be the best ever: as emphasized by WinSuperSite, having announced Windows 8 and immediately after having presented the Surface carrying RT Windows, not compatible 100% in both hardware and software, the user has caused serious doubts and a sense of general confusion.

Confusion that was then fed by hardware manufacturers, who have launched a plethora of solutions very different from each other, with design choices considerably different: the current availability of products with on-board Windows 8 includes devices that are in fact from the traditional tablet PC, with all sorts of variations of these types of products. Difficult, therefore, to be guided in such a landscape , full of different solutions to a few but significant details, especially considering the overlap of the Microsoft tablet segment with an area already rich alternatives branded iOS and Android.

The reasons for the initial failure of Windows 8, in short, would be shared equally between Microsoft and OEMs. All this, of course, be considered in the light of the absence of concrete information relatively to the numbers registered by Microsoft in the first three weeks, with the Redmond company that by the time he preferred to keep complete silence about it.


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