Questions and Answers about Windows 8

Microsoft Described the Metro IE10 for Windows 8

With the consumer launch on Friday (26) the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, many questions arose about the topic. Read below the questions sent in by readers.

What are the differences between Windows 7 and 8. The more he has to? Joslaine Baptist
– Performance: Windows 8 had significant improvements in performance compared to its predecessor. 
– Windows Store: beyond the traditional way of installing software, Windows 8 has an app store for specific the system. According to the blog WinAppUpdate , there are over 9000 available and the number keeps growing. 
– Extensive support for multi-touch: it was possible to use displays with touch screens, but without being able to count on the possibility of exploiting the resource screen efficiently. How Windows 8 was also designed for tablets and monitors with multi-touch support. The user experience is much more productive by allowing just a navigation based on a combination of multi-touch gestures on the screen. 
– Integration with cloud services: with the e-mail, which also serves to authenticate to Microsoft services the user can integrate your contacts, emails and calendar between Live Messenger, Outlook, Skype. 
– New version of Internet Explorer: IE 10 comes with significant improvements to suit web standards and, therefore, an improvement in visualization of pages developed with more interactivity.

After all, how much is the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro? Graziela Martins
Although the amount of R $ 69.00 has been announced for the upgrade to Windows 8, customers who tried to buy it by the update program encountered a higher value. said that Microsoft has taken steps to correct the calculation of the final value . Note that Windows 8 Pro sold by Microsoft, both in cash and via download, works only on computers that already have previous versions of Windows (7, Vista or XP Service Pack 3).

One new feature of Windows 8 is the app store. So now I can only install programs that are available in the store? Edmundo Rodrigues
No. Any program already supported by Windows 7, according to Microsoft, will also be supported by Windows 8. Applications available in the Windows Store have been developed to better take advantage of the features of the new graphical interface and touch screens.

I have a license for Office 2010. Can I install it on Windows 8 or will I have to buy a license for the new Office? AndreLuiz
There is no restriction on installing Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 8 for computers. It will appear the same way in Windows 7.

If I buy the upgrade and my PC is not supported by the new system, which I have to do? Patricia Luna
Ideally, make sure your computer is supported by Windows 8. For this, there is the update wizard is available from Microsoft . He performs the diagnosis and issues a report on the compatibility of PC. Accessing the center page compatibility , you can get more details on applications, devices and resources.

I can keep Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the same PC rather than upgrade on Windows 7?Oscar Andrade
Yes, you can create a dual-boot with both versions of Windows 8. However, the edits are released to the consumer updates. So you can create a dual-boot will need to have the full installation, which is not yet available to consumers. If you are a university student convening MSDN, you can get free full version installer version that is not yet being marketed.

It is true that the amount charged by the update is for a limited time? Cristian
The update via download will be valid for earlier versions of Windows and is valid from 26 October 2012 until 31 January 2013. There will also be limited by client updates. The offer of $ 69 will allow each user is entitled to up to five licenses for the upgrade.

The games I have installed will work in Windows 8? Jonas Silveira
As the programs are compatible with Windows 7 will be supported by Windows 8, so will the games. But it is recommended to check the site Compatibility Center is a 3D video card is fully supported to avoid loss of performance on the games.

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