Velocity Micro Latest to Give Android licensing fees to Microsoft

Velocity Micro latest to cough up Android licensing fees to MicrosoftA company using Android has agreed to give patent licensing fees to Microsoft, because the IP shakedown continues. Velocity Micro follows General Dynamics Itronix in settling up with Microsoft to be used of unspecified mobile patents regarding its current and future Cruz Android tablets, like the 3 models revealed at CES back in January.
The exact terms of the deal haven’t been created public, nor specifically what Velocity Micro are going to be paying Microsoft. Still, it’s all cash within the bank for the corporate, that is believed to form extra money from royalties on Android handsets sold than it will on licensing out Windows Phone to its own OEM customers. Back in could, analysts estimated that HTC paid Microsoft $5 for each Android device it sold.

At the time, it absolutely was advised that Microsoft was chasing even higher fees – the maximum amount as $7.50 to $12.50 per device – from alternative Android device manufacturers. Velocity Micro CEO Randy Copeland puts a brave face on it – By getting into this agreement with Microsoft,” he says,

Velocity Micro, Inc., are going to be able to higher meet the wants of our customers with the introduction of exciting new Cruz tablets having increased performance and functionality

however you’ll be able to bet they’re not happy at having at hand over any money in any respect having adopted what several saw as a free platform.


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