Surface vs. iPad – That the Challenge Begins

Surface vs. iPad - That the Challenge Begins 1

Microsoft Surface arrives in the tablet market with a single clear objective: detronare the iPad . The difficult challenge of yet another software giant, which, having successfully managed to take a big chunk of the market for video games by putting the ropes what seemed an insurmountable obstacle, the brand PlayStation , began late last night around one o’clock Italian. Surface is primarily a tablet. But it is also a PC. Or, to paraphrase the evergreen Steve Ballmer, is simply ” something new that people could worship . “

Microsoft know it all: if you want to win comes into play. Challenging iPad is primarily a signal to shareholders and fans to show them that Windows 8 is not only to confirm the market gained with previous editions of the operating system, but also wants to expand to audiences who now divides his time between having fun and iPhone OS and Android , drawing him with a new solution that puts together the best of the laptop with the highest expression of the tablet powerful, good looking and easy to use.

And if you do not want to abandon the suggestion of the Queen last few hours, you can bet that the Xbox Surface hear you speak again in the coming months: the document emerged over the weekend seems to confirm this hypothesis, seeing the tablet a perfect extension for the proposal SmartGlass .

Surface vs. iPad - That the Challenge Begins 2

The latest model aims iPad definitely on the definition of the Retina display , Apple’s marketing of real pride in promoting the device. The other technical features but fail to compete with what Microsoft promised to be at least in the version of Pro , which, however, will cost definitely higher than the normal high-end tablet. In the model line instead Surface RT, waiting to discover, however, further details of processor, display resolution and autonomy.

The feeling is that Microsoft can so bite the apple of Cupertino, but the worst damage may be made ??against a presence Android already fragile in this sector. Once through the Google offer, Microsoft will look beyond, towards more ambitious goals. But not now, not right now we have to impose Windows 8, you must convince the market and you have to embellish the tablet with content, applications and dedicated services.

Surface vs. iPad

The following table is a purely technical comparison with the latest model of Apple tablet. Today the ‘ iPad can boast not only of trust and media coverage that other competitors can not obtain, but also an ecosystem valid and working, supported by most developers and is able to satisfy almost any requirement. With Microsoft Surface will not be able to do the same, but to offer something more, and be careful not to repeat the same mistakes with Google Android  (which years later is still in search of true identity on the tablet, unable to real impact on Apple’s domain).


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