Mozilla Claims that the Upcoming Windows 8 with ARM will only Allow Internet Explorer

Windows 8Back to the past, the 90’s where Microsoft was accused of monopoly by reducing the possibilities of your operating system to a single web browser, Internet Explorer, from the rest. At that time the play ended with the near disappearance of Netscape. Today, almost 20 years later, Mozilla claim publicly that Microsoft will restrict the use of the next Windows 8 ARM processor Internet Explorer .

This was denounced publicly Mozilla’s lawyer, Harvey Anderson, noting that the behavior of Microsoft is a return to the past, a repetition of history by restricting access to Firefox and other browsers for OS from Microsoft:

Microsoft is trying to make a new version of its operating system that denies their choice, competition and innovation. Make Internet Explorer the only browser on the platform is a complete return to the digital dark ages when there were only a browser on Windows.

And according to Anderson has so far been reluctant Microsoft in talks to change their approach. A scenario reminiscent revived in 1996 in the antitrust litigation that lived in the United States accusing Microsoft of abuse of monopoly power and to bring down Netscape.

According to Anderson, Mozilla would not still be considering legal action as they consider a solution of last resort:

First we want to see if Microsoft really wants or intends to follow this path. They could end up releasing the option to allow entry to third-party browsers. Sometimes they need just a little pressure, if necessary take legal pressures, we will.

According count from Mozilla, the arguments presented to Microsoft for not including other browsers are mainly two reasons:

  • First they say that they are the only ones who can meet the needs of the new ARM processors and chips used to power the next version of W8. An argument that Mozilla calls ridiculous because ” Microsoft is not the sole owner of the ARM technology environment . “
  • Secondly speak of a unique environment where the user experience, interface and operating system go hand in hand, why argue that external browsers would not work.

Maybe that’s why we provide the form of IE10 show some native applications, not just web applications that run on Windows 8.

In any case we have to wait and see how it develops the dispute, if the pressure of Mozilla produces any effect on Microsoft without going to trial.

Nearly 20 years later, Microsoft seems to start the same battle that then, in this case Firefox and Chrome could be the “new” Netscape, but with a much greater drawing power than then.


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