Former Microsoft Employee Talks About Windows 8 Interface limitations

Windows 8 Interface Limitations

Windows 8 is in the process finally completed before the official release, but not so that Microsoft’s operating system to avoid criticism about availability. One of which came from the former manager of Microsoft programming array and present the user interface design, Jr. .. Michael Bibik

He listed a number of weaknesses on Windows 8, which emphasizes failure management features for the application window on the Metro.

This is the interface was first developed for the Microsoft platform Windows Mobile Phone, and moved to Windows 8 in order to create harmony between the operating system version. Michael asks:

How can users get rid of a Metro application? No zoom button or shrink, and no exit application button.

Michael fears that users will not take the time to find out how the operation of the new interface, instead they will completely ignore this annoying feature.

I firmly believe that about 75% of users will ignore the first interface Metro.

Michael has opened a personal page called Fixing Windows 8 to describe the problems that he thinks Microsoft’s operating system is facing. Although not directly publish the names on this site, but Michael does not cover information that has worked for the U.S. software company. Currently, his website was temporarily shut down due to the number of visitors increased dramatically. Microsoft has not given any feedback about this incident.


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