Dell is Preparing a Tablet with Windows 8

Dell is Preparing a Tablet with Windows 8Dell recently said that not only a PC company , but this does not mean they will stop making computers and tablets are waiting for the day of the launch of Windows 8 , tablets have solution for that day specifically. In a statement to Bloomberg , the same Michael Dell said it will launch a tablet with Windows 8 as a solution to the iPhone (2012).

We tried and we see that Windows 8 feels as good as it looks and Dell seems to have found a way to enter the tablet market with the next version of Microsoft’s operating system. As most know, Dell Streak 5 was discontinued and the 7 inch has little role in the mobile market as one more with Android.

For the launch day we can expect to see a couple of tablets Dell Windows 8, has not yet said anything about computers. One of them will be directed to the business environment and other model, which is of no interest to the consumer. The good thing launches like the iPhone is that companies begin to make ads interesting and it is no secret that Windows 8 tablets could be the perfect match for IOS on the iPad.

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