Free Interactive Lesson to Build a Human Body from Spongelab

Free Interactive Lesson to Build a Human Body

Spongelab perform this incredible activity, called Build A Body  which has recently been awarded a prize from the National Science Foundation. The goal: to build an entire human body, system by system, ordering one by one all its parts and organs.

Build a Body can order the parts of the skeleton, nervous system, respiratory, circulatory and excretory system, with the description and drawing of each body and the respective component. In addition, the tool will find a tab called ” case study “in which we can investigate the anatomy of certain pathologies, such as what happens to the celiac, what happens in the lactose intolerance or liver cirrhosis.

It is all in English (May be Available in Other Languages in Future ), and those who do not know the language can be a bit limited when reading the descriptions of the organs and parts are placed. But being an interactive tool, you can play with it well and see each of the parties equally.

Link: BuildABody


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