Audi, The Autonomous Vehicles are Getting Closer

Autonomous-VehiclesThe day when you can sit in the car and ask the car to go to a certain place, perhaps using the system voice assistance offered by Nuance, is getting closer. The proof comes from the CES in Las Vegas , where Audi has unveiled a prototype of what will be the sensor mounted on autonomous vehicles developed in the future : it is a device in sizes much smaller than those used to date with different advantages of its adoption.

This sensor has the duty to observe what happens outside the car , allowing it to special processing systems to determine the actions to take depending on the situation. To date, this role is played by detection equipment of large dimensions, placed on the roof of vehicles and therefore particularly cumbersome, as well as unpleasant from the aesthetic point of view. As studied by Audi,  turns out to be almost invisible from the outside and is able to collect a wide variety of information from each side.

Just the German automaker has recently received the first license ever for on-road use of vehicles without drivers in Nevada and started as an experimental phase in the city of Las Vegas. In this way, the engineers were able to collect data on the efficacy of these sensors, allowing them to improve their functioning and explore new solutions able to take a further leap in quality in this technology. The latter seems likely, however, to have to wait some time before you can find practical applications in everyday life, because of various reasons.

As pointed out by Ricky Hudi, Head of Audi electronics, must be solved first of all a series of technical problems of various kinds, making navigation systems without driver safe and efficient as possible. Once reached a sufficient level of security, then, it will be necessary to tackle the problems related to the law, which for now still requires the presence of a driver. According to Hudi, the situation could change quickly especially in the second case, with Japan could be the first nation to welcome the autonomous vehicles on its roads.


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