In Nevada Issued First License for “Autonomous Vehicle” Without a Driver

Autonomous VehicleCars without drivers may soon become a reality on the roads of Nevada, which is the first in America to issue a license for such machines. After a series of successful testing on the road that passed cars without drivers in Nevada, the state government adopted a decision on whether to grant licenses to owners of such vehicles.Design and installation of automotive systems, autopilots engaged in by Google. The first machine, which received a license has become a hybrid Toyota Prius.

In addition to the control Google, this car is equipped with a video camera on the roof, radar sensors and a laser rangefinder.

However, when driving in the car must be a person with a driver’s license, which may at any time to take control.

During the tests with the autopilot drove the car 140,000 miles without any incidents and accidents, except when at the crossroads of her hurt behind another car, but it could happen to any car.

Before issuing the license in the state have taken the necessary changes to legislation.


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