PES 2014: Announced Officially Brings six Innovations [Screenshots]

pes_2014_1Konami today revealed that the title PES 2014 will mark a new beginning for the popular soccer videogames making the biggest step forward that has seen so far this series.

Based on six fundamental pillars of the new system and the new engine allows the Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to recapture the top one by one all the systems of the game and fly over the shackles and constraints of the past obsolete machines.pes_2014_2


The new system allows the creation of realistic games with fast flow, while focusing on the skills that a player can affect the team’s performance, while the well-made tactics and discipline of a small group can, when executed properly to make it “Fonea the Giants’ .

The new system not only offers revolutionary graphics and animations. Naturally brings them more on a level that we have never seen before. But exceeds all the limits of old machines in Artificial Intelligence and handling and allows the PES 2014 to showcase the talent of top players and the tactics of top teams through a home system for the first time.

Below you will see in detail the six main pillars of the new Pro Evolution Soccer regulating everything from how the player receives and keeps control over the ball up the atmosphere of an important derby excitement of an unexpected victory and the bitterness of the overwhelming defeat.pes_2014_3

TrueBall Tech

For the first time in a football simulator, the PES 2014 puts you in the center of the ball machine: from how moving up how to use the players. The first contact and different control is what makes some players stand out from others. The ability to read the ball and doing the necessary steps to save space and find yourself behind the defense.

The TrueBall Tech allows the player to make all kinds of passes and Lobo using the analog stick with a detailed system barycenter physics (barycentric physics system), which gives realism to transfer the center of gravity and moment of the ball after a stroke, height and strength of the pass and how his body will react player holding the ball.

Thus the player has full control. Gives almost instinctively until the call has the body at the reception of the pass. Unlike TrueBall Tech, in the previous systems was static and the choices were limited. Now the ball can find the player at any position to pass their opponents chest or head to the beat even with the heel back to another player or in a vacuum, and the nearby dribbling is a much more personal ability in the new game.

In previous PES gave the player the ability to send the ball to the space to make large lobby and short passing, triangles and one to two. The system TrueBall Tech faces off like a separate entity that moves freely and regulates all the movements of the players around her. The range of motions resulting from such a physical is incredible.

The result is a game that offers full 360 degree control on both feet, guiding the ball even with the smoothest lever movement and dribbling that come with simple movements and instinctively.

Motion Animation Stability System (MASS)pes_2014-4

The natural conflict between the bodies of the players and the battle between them is an important part of every game. The MASS system simulates the physical and the weight of bodies as they clash.Simulate and conflict of many different bodies giving realistic animations that combine harmoniously.Instead we have a number of steadily animations, the MASS react quickly in any situation and the reaction eg the body of the player who accepted the tacklers influenced by the direction from which it came and the speed and weight of the player who run it. In each case the player who accepted the conflict may simply stumble (if the speed and weight of the attacker is little point collision trivial) the collapse. Players can use their mass to repel others from the ball or prohibit access to any point of the field. As is natural in PES 2014 there are many more ways to tzartzareis a player from a simple tackle.

The tzartzarisma any kind in PES 2014 is combined with TrueBall physics causing the ball to react through these conflicts in a realistic way. As players clash will see the ball soar in space or ends up at the feet of “winning the conflict ‘or striker.

The introduction of MASS gives tremendous progress in all phases of one-versus-one. Duels between key players can define the outcome of a match. The defense can now prevent an assailant with the body, to prevent the possible passes or make tzartzarisma. And the attackers from their side must choose whether they want to push and to confront equal to the defenders in conflict melee if they want to avoid them, pay any dribble, pretend collapsing to earn foul, or to shoot even from afar. The new system allows countless different options and variations are all based on the decisions of the players.


The definition of that football is such an intense experience is difficult. Many end up in the passion and emotion. How a game can seem “mountain” into an away team because of the terrible impression of what the present supporters of rival their behavior and noise of the “twelfth player” is something the system Heart to the heart of each and a player group in total.

Each player now has psychology and statistics with other statistics, styles and abilities. Course may be affected if you do bad games. Also if the team is disciplined and with good psychology can raise a player who has difficulty even in adverse conditions. Accordingly a great time a player can no longer affect the psychology of the group while the stadium itself and followers offer and they in their turn. Of course they all become apparent to us that we play PES 2014 as the new system is accompanied by Artificial Intelligence for the crowd and new special effects.pes_2014-5


The PES 2013 set the bar of realism for players up to the system Player ID. For the first time players can easily be identified only by their movements and their run. In PES 2013 the number of players who had the realistic simulation system real movements Player ID was 50.

In PES 2014, this system will involve at least twice as many stars. And of course because the new system has now been pre-stored animations that means captures the style and running of each player in countless different conditions offering even greater realism.


Through the innovative Combination Play the game, players can set at different points of the field different tactics. Your teammates can do sprint into the space, flanking openings and are available in advanced positions. These and other moves can be set to run at specific points of the field with specific buttons.

The core

The PES Productions team has worked many years in a row to be able to carry the football videogame to new ingenious machine.

Visually the game will go to another level on the accuracy of the body until the ripples of their clothes, facial expressions, the new mode of production that offers animations flow between movements without pause. The stages are complete simulations of real and entry eg of players on the pitch as you will soon see is a stunningly realistic sight. New Mapping lighting offers new physical effects and himself race pace has improved since the regular options are now easily within the game and cut-scenes have been removed from where it was unnecessary.

The open shots, executions fouls and penalties changed again dramatically. The control has increased a lot and have added feints, fake sprint, short passes etc. And the goalkeeper can no longer shake before running while the ball longer reacts realistically after contact with the keeper. The wall and it will instinctively kicked the ball will be repelled, and will only play the role of obstacle.

Specifically, the penalty target system are affected by the ability of the performer and the point that the player has decided to send the ball. The goalkeeper may choose to shake before him if the performer is moderate and the way he approaches the ball has betrayed his intentions.

The PES 2014 will see for the first time in Asia Champions League, thus increasing the number of public groups and the UEFA Champions League remains exclusive with other leagues are expected to be announced immediately.

Then you mention many other elements of PES 2014 including all the new forms of Online Gaming to complement the huge leap that makes the Pro Evolution Soccer with this release. The integration of the miraculous and the famous Fox Engine is only the beginning.

The PES 2014 will be released in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and PSP.


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