Lady Gaga Released her First Fragrance

Lady Gaga Not Only a Superstar But a Supper Human BeingNot recognizing the standards and traditions of Lady Gaga released her first fragrance whose creation was a real puzzle for the perfume industry professionals.

LADY GAGA FAME has an unusual architecture and the unique ability to change color. This is the world’s only perfume water, which turns from black to transparent. Thanks to innovative technology, push-pull, the components are constantly interacting with each other, creating a new sound chaotic flavor. Each note is cleverly combined with the rest due to the unique properties of the ingredients that make up the perfume.Lady Gaga

At the heart of LADY GAGA FAME three basic themes: darkness and light sensitivity.”Dark” is full of chord of belladonna, which, starting from the XVIII-th century, often used the obsessive love of a girl making love potion potions. At the heart of the mysterious dark sensual sound component notes of honey, saffron and apricot nectar. Luxury, brilliance and timeless beauty of the transmit “light” music tiger orchid flower and jasmine sambac. The Queen Symphony Belladonna joins together the floral and fruity accords LADY GAGA FAME, making perfume composition unique. In creating a unique flavor attended fashion-industry legends: the bottle design was developed in collaboration with Nick Knight, a director and campaign photographer Steven Klein’s famous.


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