Swallowable Parfume, A Revolutionary Perfume for Women (Video)

Swallowable Parfume, A Revolutionary Perfume for WomenOf the five senses, smell is perhaps one of the most unique and powerful in terms of memory and evocative power: not in vain perfume manufacturers carefully study the stimulus that causes a fragrance before releasing to market. This can become so attached to the personality of the wearer to associate the smell with a specific person. But when different perfume houses and brands are wielding every year to invent new fragrances and innovative packaging , the Australian artist and designer Lucy McRae intends to revolutionize the way people eat (and pun intended) this add so personal.

Generally, the perfume is usually applied in some parts of the body, such as dolls for the movement of hands to help spread it, the neck, a particularly sensitive place where the heat pulse and enhance its aroma, and also the elbow crease . Then, depending on one’s skin and body odor of each, just collect the perfume smell peculiar and specific to the person. In this case, Lucy McRae, in collaboration with biologist Sheref Mansy, is developing Swallowable Parfum , cosmetic capsules to be swallowed. Once absorbed, the capsule is absorbed by the body and allows it to become all in a spray , a sort of second skin scent . Fragrance molecules come to the surface of the skin through perspiration, allowing droplets from which emanates a single scent.

The power of scent then depends on each individual, temperature, stress, exercise or sexual arousal. Swallowable Parfum , and their way of rethinking the human skin as a new medium of sensory information , is designed to cast our skin genetically unique smell about who we are and our identity.


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