The Secret of Vintage Perfume Fragrances

Vintage Perfume Perfumes Of the PastWhat is vintage? The literal translation of this fashionable word is Wine with an exposure of at least 10 years.However, we used to use that word, referring to the style of clothing of their adornment of a beautiful old thing, pleasing the eye than one generation. Here the word “vintage” applies to things that are more than 20 years. This is not museum pieces and antiques are not, and antiques, but quite usable.

Today, many ladies and dandies diligently study the contents of my grandmother’s attic, so that we can find little things, to make its way home or a stylish look. The fashion for vintage swept up and perfume. Vintage Perfume is very popular today, despite the high price. With all the vintage stuff that is the case the greater age the more expensive. Therefore, vintage perfume is not cheap, though the oldest of it ,it’s perfume, referring to the end of the 19th and early 20th century, as it was then became especially popular perfumes. In addition, vintage perfume auto perfume can be attributed to the highest quality – because they kept not the not two decades, while retaining its great flavor. How many modern perfumes can boast such a quality? may opt for a vintage perfume – it’s a tribute to a passing fashion, a great variety of flavors satiety, and perhaps the desire in the past more clearly discern the future.

By classics of the genre include fragrances, which are created before the 60s. They are attracted by the fact that they smelled the people now, perhaps, have gone into oblivion. By Russian retroaromatam can safely be attributed spirits “Red Moscow”, “Lily silver” we still remember the Polish spirits, “Maybe.” Of course, the always popular fragrance “Chanel 5″ one of the first so called “abstract flavors”, which first appeared among the easily recognizable floral and created the legendary Coco Chanel. How to “wear” vintage perfumeOf course, in the unity of the image. Exclusive fragrance should emphasize your style. Of course, not necessarily for the sake of the spirits is completely dressed in the garb of the same time, however, let the fragrance, which may have breathed in your grandmother’s, will be part of your game with style.


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