Do You Want to Live in the Apartment of Lady Gaga ?

Do You Want to Live in the Apartment of Lady Gaga She is rich and famous , but once in past, lived in an apartment more modest compared with the luxuries you can live with now. We talk about Lady Gaga, a celebrity who still keeps her apartment in Manhattan . Of course, it is rented.

It is clear that over a Little Monster would give anything to live in the home where Stephanie Germanotta lived in Manhattan(When Lady Gaga was living here was known as Stephanie Germanotta).

Not a real luxury floor, but has the aura of its former inhabitant Not a great luxury floor, still breathing but surely something Lady Gaga stopped by.

Among other things because the floor is still theirs, and it is rented by the figure of $ 1,850 per month , a price that the well may seem expensive but is actually the average of what is asked for an apartment in the area . Well it is now became a place of dreams for her fans!

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