Tips To Reduce Data Traffic On iPad And iPhone

reduce trafficWhen we buy a smart phone, making calls is almost secondary and mainly use it to access the Internet, check email, social networking and just about anything that comes to mind.

The iPhone and iPad models, allows us to connect to networks of mobile Internet  and most users have data plans that, while claiming to be unlimited, are quite limited.

The plans offered by operators, have a fair usage policy which means that if we spend a certain amount of megabytes or gigabytes, at a low speed. So today we want to teach them to reduce their consumption of data on devices Apple.

Reducing data traffic:-

There are some ways to control the consumption data we do from the iPhone and iPad . They are simple tricks and still manage to make a difference. We also need to create us certain habits that will result in more efficient use of the mobile Internet.

First, mobile data is disabled if you are using the WiFi on your iPhone or iPad or simply do not need Internet access.

reduce traffic 1For more you’re connected to a wireless network, the device searches through data connect to when I sign-off of WiFi, either on purpose or due to lack of coverage.¬†If you do not use, disable them in Settings —- General —- Mobile Data.

Beware of open applications: Even though they are in the background, many continue to send.
Receive information constantly: Keep open only what is necessary.

Good habits of Use:-

While there are tricks like those listed above, which help us to avoid waste of data, the real solution is to have good manners of use. Some you should consider are:

Internet tethering is only for emergencies: The iPhone and iPad can work as a hotspot and provide Internet access to other users. This spend a lot of data and therefore it is an emergency action and not a habit.

reduce traffic 2Leave the heavy stuff for WiFi: Want to watch a video or publish photos? Try doing it from WiFi connections, as both activities are a major high data consumption.

Disable notifications Push: If your iPhone is connecting constantly to find new mails or messages, spend data.

Disable mobile data at night: Unless you’re expecting a message via¬†Whats App¬†wake you up at dawn, there’s no reason to leave active mobile Internet access.¬†Disable or stop data available only WiFi.

Exercising proper care, we will have a decent browsing speed throughout the month, without spending a fortune on extra package product data from the vagaries of the operators.


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