The Problems of the iPhone 5 Jailbreak and Solutions


As of yesterday, February 4, 2013 , you can run the jailbreak of the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad and fourth-generation and fifth generation iPod touch  and the jailbreak all iOS devices that mount 6. Let’s see what are the problems encountered by us and by the majority of users.

In my memory, this is the Jailbreak with fewer bugs that has ever been developed. Usually after the first few hours after release updates are necessary tools to solve many problems, but in this case, the first version is the definitive, at least for now.

In fact there are bugs, but the advantage is that they do not compromise the success of the jailbreak on all devices and do not affect the proper functioning of the iPhone.

The Weather application does not open

The Weather application that are already installed in iOS 6, on almost all devices, after JB does not work: If you try to open it closes. This problem does not affect the operation of the center Widget for notifications and does not affect other functions of the iPhone, is simply an application that does not work. Fortunately there are many alternatives on the App Store from porter to use nel’attesa that the problem is resolved.

Hackers are working to bring this little problem, especially pod2g has already published a solution for experienced users and announced that very soon you can download from Cydia package that automatically solve this problem.

The process of Jailbreak crashes

The procedure takes less than 5 minutes on a new iPhone 5, but may take longer on an iPhone with lots of content installed.For some (including myself, during the innumerable tests) it happened that the process should crash during the second phase, which runs on the iPhone.

The procedure via evasi0n provide for a first phase with the iPhone connected to the computer and a second phase that is executed on the iPhone, during which shows the logo of evad3rs, representative of this Jailbreak, on a white background. This image, with lots of scrolling text should appear no more than 5 minutes with “Kernel Patching”, before moving on to restart the iPhone.

Kernel Patching

If the image remains fixed for a period longer than 10 minutes to say that it was not possible to reboot, then perform a forced restart by pressing the Home button (the round) and the power button for about 10 seconds or otherwise until the iPhone turns off.

If the installation of Cydia is successful, you will find the icon on the Home screen at power up. Otherwise, reset the iPhone and run the jailbreak again.

The time on the iPhone is not correct

For some it has happened that after the jailbreak of the iPhone time has moved back an hour. We do not know what caused this problem and how to avoid it, but it is easily solved:

  • go to Settings> General> Date and Time
  • deactivate and activate the “Auto”

The iPhone will not turn on / compare apple fixed / compare apple pulsing

Someone has reported problems with regard to the ignition of the iPhone after turning it off manually. Meanwhile, we invite you to wait at least 5 minutes, because it can happen that the first start after Jailbreak or a forced restart may be longer.

If the iPhone does not turn on, try to perform a forced restart by pressing the Home button (the round) and the power button for about 10 seconds or until such time as the iPhone does not turn off.

It would seem that all our users have solved the forced reboot, but if the problem is not resolved the only advice that we still have to give you is to perform a restore from iTunes and redo the jailbreak.

I can not download anything from Cydia

As happens every time a new jailbreak is released, there are lots of users entering on Cydia and because of this crowd is often not possible to download anything. You can continue to try earnestly or wait until the situation improves.Personally, just this morning I was able to download some tweak.

The software for the Jailbreak evasi0n, unlike their predecessors, also install Cydia packages, an operation that would otherwise be performed when you first start Cydia and may take a long time and also not going to succeed just because of the crowding of servers, nevertheless it is necessary to have a little ‘patience.

After a reboot or respring the brightness drops to a minimum

This is a bug in iOS 6 that occurs in particular situations and probably the respring is one of these, then you may have a tweak after you download and run the respring to activate it. We have already mentioned, Simply unlock the iPhone and lock it again, at this point the brightness returns as before.

Other problems

If we receive reports of more widespread problems will update this article. In any case, most of the problems could be resolved with a forced reboot:

  • Press and hold both the Home button (the round) and the power button
  • Wait about 10 seconds or until such time as the iPhone does not turn off
  • If the iPhone does not come back on automatically, press the power button
  • boot after this process may take longer than usual wait patiently

Q: How to minimize the risk of problems?

A: Run the Jailbreak an iPhone restored as new, and follow ALL the suggestions in our detailed guide

->  How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 and all iOS devices 6  <-

Q: I installed the tweaks / apps / themes / widget / Toogle / other from Cydia and do not work, how can I do?

R1: Run a respring or a reboot.

R2: First of all make sure that you have installed is officially compatible with iOS 6 Although compatible with iOS 6 will not work on the iPhone 5, because it has a different display and developers need to update their own content, as happened with the applications on the App Store.

R3: The content may not be compatible with others that you installed from Cydia, try deleting any other tweak.

R4: Contact the developer directly from Cydia selecting the name of ‘”Author” on the page of the tweak.

Q: Where can I find the applications that are compatible with the iPhone 5 / compatible with iOS6?

A: Revoseek has many articles about the contents of Cydia. From now on we will also begin to test the tweak on the iPhone 5. Meanwhile you can find within our collections >> lots of interesting applications and tweak with a lot of descriptions, images, and video views, for which we also reported the compatibility with iOS 6. If you want just a list of names  HERE 

Note: We can not assure you that all packages are compatible with iOS 6, work on the iPhone 5, stay tuned for our reviews and recommendations in this regard.

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