New System Uses Heart Rate as a Password on Computers

New System Uses Heart Rate as a Password on ComputersResearchers in Taiwan have developed a revolutionary biometric security system for use on computers. The system “hears” the heartbeat, and use them as a security code to enter someone’s computer. All you have to make the user is touching his hand on his computer and the system will instantly recognize the heart rate and allow access.

Heart code

“Because the ECG signals are different in each person can be used as a new biometric identification tool,” say researchers at Chung Hsing University in Taiwan.

The researchers studied electrocardiograms of several individuals who had conducted a very simple way: the user touches the palm of the computer and he was recording the heartbeat.The mathematical sequence of the heart rate of each individual is unique and according to experts this sequence can be transformed into a number that will be the password of a computer.

Researchers in Taiwan say that this biometric marker is more secure than others used to access computers. This is because, as explained, have developed various ways of counterfeiting biometric security methods such as fingerprints.

To insert the password of … heart on the computer the user touches the palm of the PC, the system records the heart rate, compared with the sample is registered and gives access to the machine.

The next goal

The researchers believe their system works successfully on computers and are now trying to integrate technology in other devices like portable hard drives, etc. What remains unanswered, however, is how a user is guaranteed if for some reason (eg due to arrhythmia) of the heart rate when it wants to use his computer he is not registered.


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