Hi, Modern Smartphones Users! Your Privacy has Been Stolen

Smartphones Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry Were Accused of Spying for the Owners

It is alert for Modern Smart Phones Users that their Privacy has Been Stolen and hacked.

25-year-old systems administrator from the State of Connecticut (USA) announced the discovery of modernĀ smartphoneĀ in the tracking program, which collects information about users,Ā according toĀ ForbesĀ .Ā According to Trevor Eckhart, victims of data collection can be hundreds of millions ofĀ Nokia smartphones and BlackberryĀ Ā usersĀ , as well as devices running mobile operating system Android.

According to system administrator, a hidden application that is developed by Carrier IQ, monitors keystrokes, read the information on the geographical location of the device and incoming SMS-message.Ā The collected data is sent to a server on the Internet.Ā Trevor Eckart also notes that in Apple’s smartphone this application is not found.

In return, representatives of Carrier IQ argue that the data collected are needed in order to improve the quality of services for users of devices.Ā The information is not disclosed to third parties, stress in the company.Ā Forbes notes that Carrier IQ turned to Eckhart to stop spreading rumors about surveillance of the owners of smartphones.

We recall that in April, accused of spying on users Apple.Ā Two U.S. programmer discovered that mobile device corporations are collecting information about the location of the gadget and write it to an open file.


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