Lumia Nokia 800: The Initial Positive Feelings

Lumia Nokia 800- The Initial Positive Feelings

The primary tests is conducted on Lumia Nokia 800, Nokia’s initial Windows Phone. The initial positive feelings.

From a couple of hours we’ve the new Nokia 800 Lumia , the primary Nokia Windows Phone. If for a full review is serious and necessary to check the device for a couple of days, dissecting strengths and weaknesses over time, for an outline of the primary impact are required, solely a couple of minutes: what’s necessary to open the packaging, hold the device and switch it on .

Before switching on

The packaging is straightforward and chic, highly ordered and contains everything you wish to show on and use the smartphone directly. Provided there’s conjointly a classy cowl that matches perfectly, protecting the device while not making unnecessary bulk. the load distribution is very balanced, restoring a way of solidity that Nokia has created ??a trademark over the years. A USB cable for charging, headphones and a classy series of booklets for complete directions on packaging.

Lumia on high of 800 there are 2 signs: ” push “and” slide “. the primary opens the door to insert the USB cable, whereas the second reveals the house to place the micro-SIM card needed for access to the network. On the proper are four buttons: 2 for volume, one for power and one for the camera. rock bottom facet is dedicated to the case for audio.

The screen is slightly rounded on the sides, following the curvature of the body and returning an overall style is each elegant and spartan, that specialize in simplicity and clean lines. 3 buttons “touch” out there “Back”, “Windows” and “Search”. These 3 ancient operate keys provided by Windows Phone to use the operating system Windows Phone seven.5 “Mango”.

After switching

The configuration of the phone is very fast: language, time, date and tiny else are the fundamental needs for access to Windows Phone. It helps us learn from the terribly starting one in all the foremost placing characteristics: the screen quality and responsiveness of the touchscreen , 2 ingredients that are fully basic for the come of a nice expertise. The lines of the operating system well outweigh the (relatively low) definition of the show, and comes up with a very positive impression: vivid colours, lines and quick bit response. the little vibration delivery conjointly added a pleasant simulation of the tactile sensation of roughness, that makes it even more practical interaction.

The phone will be used while not SIM: The supply of a WiFi network can already do just about everything that you simply need (except phone calls, of course). To animate the beginning screen, however, should provide its on-line references to the smartphone: the account on Facebook, to fill its Live Tile; SkyDrive account, enter the primary image, the e-mail account to receive the primary notification; The Xbox Live account to talk about (and configure) your own avatar.

The Lumia 800 born to breathe, thus knowledge traffic: no connectivity is diminished the potential of the device, that becomes “alive” because of the continual upgrading of the most important on-line services.

The first <<tap>> on the screen

Nice animation, nice scrolling between pages, immediate and intuitive interface. however to completely relish the standard of the Nokia 800 Lumia want some additional hours as a result of the check functions are several. It refers, therefore, each opinion, however not while not an effect shared by all those that you have got placed on your hands: thumbs up, the Nokia 800 Lumia is here to create your mark.

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