Rumors of Change Camera Lens Mirrorless Pentax K-01

Rumors of Change Camera Lens Mirror less Pentax K-01The camera lens replacement mirror is gradually getting the attention of the big names in photography, and it looks like Pentax is no bystander. Rumors of a camera in the line, called for the Pentax K-01 , have appeared on the network. Source also said that they had received an invitation to the Pentax on a product roll out in the day 2 / 2 so this rumor more and more facilities. Accordingly, the Pentax K-01 will be shaped by the designer Marc Newson and compact size. According to a leaked picture, the machine can capture HDR images. K-01 will use APS-C sensor 16 megapixels ,same kind of sensor on Pentax K-5 , hot shoe lens Pentax K AF , supporting Full-HD video, a microphone mounted removable accessories.Rumors of Change Camera Lens Mirror less Pentax K-01

Products built-in flash, LCD display 3 “and weighs about 544 g (batteries are calculated, not including lens). Sources also said the K-01 will have many different colors and are presented together with 3 new lens, 40mm f/2.8 which tube size will be small and thin tube kit. Let’s wait and see if this camera is real and its price is how much.Rumors of Change Camera Lens Mirror less Pentax K-01


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