Nanotechnology is Revolutionizing our Lives


Nanotechnology Gets a Critical Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis. Nanotechnology imitates dogs to detect explosives.Self-cleaning materials that regenerate themselves, tissues that control and regulate body temperature, anti-graffiti intelligent and a large number of inventions that seem improbable are flooding the market. This is not science fiction or products imported developments. Our companies are using in their manufacturing process so revolutionary as nanotechnology. A science that allows the control and treatment of matter at the nanoscale, or what is the same, one-billionth of a meter which makes it possible to manipulate the behavior at the atomic and molecular level. Surprising, but very real!

Why Nanotechnology ?

The research results are not in laboratories but are quickly jumping to the market in the form of tangible products that generate profits and everyday millions a year. The EU executive also estimated to create 400,000 new jobs, in addition to the more than 700,000 jobs created in the last decade thanks to the use of nano in the field of new information technologies and communication ( ICT).

To cite an example, the metal oxide nanoparticles that can automatically clean facades and any other surface. How do they work? React to sunlight decomposing organic matter, which then disappears by wind and rain. This same effect applies “in the not too distant future” to interior surfaces of homes and offices.

Applications of nanotechnology are increasing and few resist try, regardless of sector or size.Behind the majors, there are a host of small and medium enterprises, less known, they continuously research and develop new applications in areas and sectors as diverse as energy, automotive, medicine, food, textiles or processing drug.

Nanotechnology is Future

In the coming years the painting of buildings is not limited to decorating, but also generate energy, absorb pollution and prevent the accumulation of dirt. Some research centers working in European and North American firm to make a simple coat of paint generates electricity, which could be able to get energy autonomous buildings. For now, the key is titanium oxide nanostructures with dye that are used in nanotechnology.

Are you ready for the nanotechnology revolution?


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