MT788: Motorola Released 2.0 GHz Intel Chip Smartphone

MT788: Motorola Released 2.0 GHz Intel Chip Smartphone 1

Motorola work with Intel and China Mobile released Intel Inside clocked at up to 2.0 GHz new I MT788 Feng Li.

“I MT788, Feng Li, China’s first with a frequency up to 2.0 GHz Intel inside smartphone.”

Meng, president of Motorola mobile technology company senior vice president and Greater China, said,

“It’s a combination of Motorola and Intel, two companies design philosophy and Seiko quality Having unparalleled speed and a new mobile Internet experience for users. “

MT788 release marks towards the ‘best of Intel computing into smart phones‘ target towards a big step, “said Ian Yang, Intel’s global vice president, president of China,

“Smart phones more and more people are an integral part of modern life elements of Intel’s goal is to develop superior technology solutions and excellent user value and experience. We believe that this can be achieved by Motorola and China Mobile launched a new smartphone we all these commitments, the majority of Chinese users will love this phone. “

The conference site Explores the full detailed analysis of this product. The appearance of texture and new front Korea i MT788 stressed metal body using diamond cutting process. Of course, this phone uses the the core intel Z2480 mobile processing chips more full display.

Scene intel Z2480 also before the flagship model uses a quad-core processor compared page loading program run While single-core processor.The computing speed is even faster than the quad-core processor, prove that the performance is not equal Auditors have. Run points in Antutu, intel Z2480 also ran out of a score of 8500 points or more, this data is to market dual-core models.

The new Feng Li i MT887 equipped with a 800 mega-pixel back-illuminated camera and the support of the powerful performance of the Intel Atom processor. We can see its rapid continuous shooting, Super Night mode and panorama mode imaging is superior.

Listed on phone, from mid-December onwards, consumers can visit the Motorola authorized retail outlets across the country to experience and purchase MOTO online store as well as China Mobile business hall around the current price unknown.


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