Headband to Command Smartphone With Your Brain (Video)

Headband to Command Smartphone With Your Brain (Video) 2

Google Glasses? ex. Voice-controlled intelligent agents? Therefore over. dominant the tempo of “Call Pine Tree State Maybe” along with your heartbeat? Please. the longer term of wearable computing is all regarding exploitation your noodle.

That’s what the Muse band guarantees to try and do. Presently  seeking funding on Indiegogo (see the well made and extremely convincing video above), the Muse could be a light-weight plastic controller that slips onto your forehead and connects to your smartphone or Tablet.

Not solely will the Muse offer you feedback on however you’re doing mentally — calm, agitated, focused, distracted — it also can be accustomed management any app you care to call. You could, in theory, look this fashion. (Paying attention, marketers?)

We’ve seen brainwave observance devices before. The technology graph, or Electroencephalography, appearance for electrical activity slightly below your scalp; it’s been around within the medical world since the Twenties. we tend to began to make out a way to connect it to computers within the late Nineties.

A number of corporations within the 2000s secure to supply the interface that may kick off with the general public at giant. I test-drove one, the Emotiv Epoc, back in 2009, and used it to manage video games. however it had been a unwieldy factor with several nodes, hardly transportable.

We’ve seen a additional eminent application of graph technology within the Zeo, a scarf you wear whereas sleeping that communicates your sleep state to a side controller (and additional recently to a smartphone). however the Muse is that the initial useful band we will imagine people carrying out of the house. it’s designed to figure with iPhones, iPads and mechanical man apps, also as macintosh and UNIX system computers.

Made by Canadian startup InteraXon, the Muse is predicted to launch in 2013 and retail for around $200. With nineteen days to travel in its fundraising efforts, the corporate has $125K of its $150K target.

Can you see yourself carrying this device? What would you wish to use it for? Is it additional helpful for dominant your devices, or focusing your brain itself? allow us to apprehend within the comments.

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