John McAfee Tracked with iPhone Geolocation

John Mcafee

IT founder John McAfee has let fleeing journalists shoot with the iPhone and the image data revealed his secret abode. McAfee spread in his blog that he had tampered with the EXIF data in the image, and put the lie again quickly.

Of a murder case sought witness John McAfee has come up from the Canadian magazine Vice interview on the run. In the metadata of the photos of the founder of IT security company that were made with an iPhone, was the whereabouts of the fugitive in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, clearly.

Ken Westin Privacy of Mobile had the GPS data via Exifscan tested .

McAfee responded in his blog with a statement: “For my own safety I have manipulated the EXIF data in the image. The magazine wrote that it would have no idea what McAfee talk.

Then, the last entries in the blog was deleted by McAfee. There is now :

“I apologize for the confusion in the last couple of days it was not easy to leave Belize and only possible by many supporters in different countries I am in Guatemala and meet me this morning with Guatemalan officials if… all goes well, there is a press conference tomorrow. Vice Magazine The reporters are really in Guatemala with me. Yesterday was a difficult day because inadvertently by an inexperienced technician at the Vice-headquartered my exact travel dates were published. “

After McAfee’s wanted for a survey on the circumstances of the violent death of his neighbor, the American expatriate Gregory Faull. The body of 52-year-old Faull was on 11 November 2012 found. Faull died of a gunshot wound to the head. McAfee said he had been hiding from the police because he was afraid that he would be killed during the arrest of corrupt policemen. Faull was “a nuisance” , but he did not kill him.


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