McAfee Starts to Blog on the Run

McAfee Starts to Blog on the Run 1

John McAfee keeps on running away near his home in Belize. He writes in his blog how he escaped the police dressed, and who accompanied him. The latest entry comes from today.

Of a murder case sought witness John McAfee has started to blog with his girlfriend.

“I’m running again out of time. Sorry that my messages are brief” , the fugitive, in his blog The Hinterland . 

According to the U.S. television network CBS News McAfee’s friend Chad Essley has confirmed the authenticity of the blog.

One of the first entries is about his 20-year-old girlfriend Samantha, who accompanied him on the flight. The report is illustrated. In a retrospective report of the circumstances of the first search warrant in April 2012, McAfee says that he was living at the time with a 17-year-olds.

After McAfee is because of a survey on the circumstances of the violent death of his neighbor, the American expatriate Gregory Faull searched . The body of 52-year-old was on 11 Faull November 2012 found. Faull died of a gunshot wound to the head.McAfee said he had been hiding from the police because he was afraid that he would be killed during the arrest.

McAfee also describes in detail how he changed his appearance to avoid detection by the police .

“On the first day I dyed light gray my hair and my beard, almost white, my face, neck and hands, I turned dark with shoe polish and wore a LA-Saints baseball Cape. “ 

His judgment was the founder of IT security company with the help of gum look wider.

Dressed up, he watched as his house was searched by the police seven times.

On other days, McAfee disguised as a salesman for a Company and tortillas filled or staggered disguised as a drunken German tourists through the town.

If the police find him, the blog will continue to be led by a friend with prepared McAfee posts.


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