iTunes U Access:Tool for Teachers to Direct the Subjects and Classes from iPhone

iTunes U Access, the tool for teachers to direct the subjects and classes from your iPhone

If iBooks 2 has been the tool for textbooks and iBooks Author has treated his publishers, Apple created iTunes U Access the application to change the way teachers teach the classes . From your iPhone may share, manage and direct their courses and lessons as you like and making students also receive the same information.

In fact, the new application looks the same purpose as the original iTunes U: Give teachers and studentsa place to share information and communicate . However, the main difference is that now that communication is more direct, you can do in their own classes and all information will iPad IOS devices teacher of her students, whether or iPhones Cases .

U iTunes App looks similar to iBooks, it shelves where they are putting the lessons and notes. There, teachers can personalize the issues and give all kinds of information , including hours of tutoring or mass advertising, as assigning tasks.

Tunes App U

Instead of using a traditional mailing list, simply create a post on iTunes U Access to the messages go to all students recipients , who receive on your iPhone .

App in iTunes U also can discuss, debate and ask about the topics of the course and see classes in streaming or download later to have them always available.

Access iTunes U is free and available from today in United States . In addition, any iTunes U environment will no longer focus exclusively on universities to give option of also involving secondary schools and primary schools , from 4 to 16 years. So the slogan “the campus that never sleeps” is extended more than ever, in every way.

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