New iPhone will Use a New Type of Panel Called “In-Cell” for Multi-Touch Display

The New iPhone will Get a 4.6-inch Display RetinaWe have a few days listening data about what may be the next iPhone materials, connectivity … even Liquid metal material which Apple acquired the rights has come charging back . Today half Taiwanese has published an article that says that next iPhone will use a new type of panel called “in-cell” , which would allow the terminal even more thinner. DigiTimes also has its own data sources to suggest something.

Currently the iPhone receives data from our gestures from a sensor placed just above the screen.These new panels, however, achieved by combining display and sensor is not necessary to place more material (and thickness) of the said above. Given that Apple is able to propose new standards for cards SIM only to gain a few precious square millimeters inside the iPhone, is perfectly feasible.

Companies like Sony, Sharp and Toshiba, which provide such panels, would benefit if Apple decides to adopt them. As the release date of the iPhone are betting on the event WWDC in summer, but experts like Gene Munster assure us that Apple will not renew your phone until fall.

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