iPad 3 with LTE, Quad-core CPU and Retinal Display

iPad 3 with LTE, Quad-core CPU and Retinal Display

Apple is already in the production of the iPad 3 have begun to deploy in time to launch the necessary quantities. According to unofficial reports, it shall be equipped with a quad core processor and a retina display and have a fast wireless technology, LTE.

The iPad 3 to make a significant leap over the current model. Not only a significantly faster CPU, but also a high-resolution display and wireless technology LTE to the new tablet from Apple to come. The Bloomberg news agency reported .

Supposedly the coming iPad 3 in March on the market. The news agency refers to sources close to the contract manufacturer. 

There is disagreement whether the device will now put three little thicker, thinner or even in the same housing as the iPad second Thin, the unit could probably only help if Apple manages to incorporate Sharp’s Display Technology Igzo. Alternatively, Apple could rely on IPS panel made by Samsung and LG. 

Apple initially build LTE into the iPhone and iPad not in this because the tablet has a bigger battery, reported Bloomberg. The new wireless technology is still very energy intensive. 

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